Our single API framework allows you to securely connect your front-end to our infrastructure, enabling you to offer your clients trading and investment opportunities in 87 markets across multiple asset classes.

  • Retain control of your own applications and front-end.
  • Enable investments in 8 asset classes worldwide through a single-frame connection.
  • Set up as an omnibus; we also give you the ability to set up numbered sub-accounts.
Introducing GTN

Powering your vision

UX/UI Control

Customise your own UI/UX and maintain ownership of your customer relationship, journey and their data.

Wealth Management

Subscribe to and redeem from managed portfolios.

Global Fractional Trading

Our API supports fractional trading on US, UK and EU stocks.

Count on Us

Benefit from continuous solutions innovation and market range expansion.

Build Your Own​
Investment Experience

Neo Bank, WealthTech, InvestTech, and Payment Service Application

GTN Developer Portal

Access our GTN Developer Portal, a single API Framework to support your needs: secure authentication, sub-account creation, order placement/monitoring, activity management, and market data streaming, including quotes and news/announcements.

Financial Information eXchange

Use Financial Information eXchange (FIX) to build a custom front-end and connect via FIX for order routing. Our API offers all other services. Streamline your experience.