GTN and Blue Ocean Technologies join forces to enable investors with 24-hour seamless access to US stocks

5th Mar, 2024

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GTN and Blue Ocean Technologies join forces to enable investors with 24-hour seamless access to US stocks

GTN, a global fintech redefining investing and trading for all, and Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT), a capital markets fintech leader in global trading and data, announced today the launch of extended trading hours to trade US stocks from the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Middle East.

This partnership marks the first-time expansion for Blue Ocean ATS in the Middle East marketplace, while continuing its growth into APAC.

By partnering with Blue Ocean Technologies, GTN will enable its partners, brokers, banks, wealth managers and fintechs to provide investors around the world with 24-hour trading on US National Market System (NMS) stocks. The Blue Ocean Session provides a real-time trading experience with electronic order delivery and live data. With GTN’s new capability, investors in the APAC and Middle East regions gain greater flexibility and opportunities to trade US stocks during regular local trading hours.

Brian Hyndman, CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies, commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with an industry capital markets leader like GTN that shares our vision on the power of technology to grow our global trading customer base. The agreement is important to Blue Ocean as it marks our entrance into an entirely new market. The ability to expand in both APAC and the Middle East with the help of GTN was highly attractive to us and is in line with our mission of accessibility in markets all over the world.”

“The partnership with Blue Ocean is another step towards realising GTN’s vision to make global financial markets accessible to all. GTN remains dedicated to pioneering solutions that remove barriers and increase accessibility for investors globally. This partnership with Blue Ocean Technologies further reinforces this commitment, offering extended trading hours that cater to the specific needs of investors in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East,” said Manjula Jayasinghe, Group CEO of GTN.

Prior to this partnership, GTN customers were able to trade US stocks from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. US Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. With GTN’s extended hours service in partnership with Blue Ocean, GTN customers can continue to trade US stocks and ETFs from 8 pm ET to 3:50 am ET Sunday to Friday, allowing almost 24-hour access to US markets and aligning better with local trading hours.

Throughout 2023, Blue Ocean Technologies has continued to expand globally, extending its trading model in Asia-Pacific. With partnerships in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, Blue Ocean is focused on continuing its growth in 2024 by empowering international investors seeking broader access to US equities trading and data during extended hours trading sessions.


About GTN

GTN is a fintech pioneer with decades of success, holding broker-dealer and capital markets services licenses in multiple jurisdictions through subsidiaries. We are committed to empowering brokers, banks, asset managers, and fintechs with scalable and innovative investment and trading solutions that enable access to a comprehensive network of global markets and multiple asset classes, making investment and trading accessible to all. Our investment and trading solutions offer seamless integration with the existing services of regulated financial firms and fintechs via our co-branded front-ends and versatile API suite. Inspired by embedded finance, our API suite provides the adaptability to develop bespoke trading/investment applications or incorporate GTN features into existing platforms, enhancing their value proposition. In addition, our comprehensive global trading ecosystem includes best-in-class execution, custody, and post-trade solutions.

We bring together a diverse team of over 400 talented individuals spread across Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the UK, and the US, united by a shared passion and purpose: empowering clients and transforming the accessibility to investment and trading opportunities for all. We are backed by strategic investors IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and SBI Ventures Singapore Pte. Ltd., a group company of SBI Holdings, Inc., one of the largest financial services firms listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


About Blue Ocean Technologies

Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT) is a unique capital markets fintech company empowering global investors by making trading possible during US overnight trading hours. Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, and its trading system, Blue Ocean Alternative Trading System (BOATS), currently trade US National Market System (NMS) stocks from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am ET from Sunday to Thursday. Founded in 2019, Blue Ocean ATS is on a mission to transform US trading to Global trading via its flagship service, Blue Ocean Session, providing access and transparency to subscribers in all time zones during non-traditional US market hours. For more information, visit or contact us at