GTN Careers

We believe innovation relies on inclusion and diversity. Our culture encourages creativity, bold ideas and out-of-the-box thinking on all levels to turn mere ideas into actionable outcome.

Succeeding together

Our greatest asset: You

Our employees are our greatest asset. As such, we foster creativity and personal development.

Through our fast-paced, collaborative, invigorating and inclusive work environment, we strive to encourage consistent learning, to ensure they are inspired and motivated to perform to their highest potential.

What to expect

Professional growth and personal development

International colleagues

With colleagues worldwide, you will experience a collaborative and invigorating work environment.

Training and development

We have a variety of internal programmes set up to support and foster professional growth and team member well-being.

International exposure

Having international clients means working with different cultures and experiencing new perspectives.


You are not a cog in the wheel. We trust and rely on you to own your remit and perform adequately.

Our core values

Aiming for excellence


Open, succinct, clear communication fosters trust and collaboration on all levels.


Diversity and inclusivity ensure a safe, empowering environment.


Appraisals and mentoring programmes encourage confidence and accountability.


A straightforward code of conduct guides everyone to perform their role at the highest standard.