Wealth Management

Bridging the gap
in investing access

Elevate portfolio management with global market access and cutting-edge technology to foster wealth growth opportunities.

  • Streamline wealth management workflows with automated, end-to-end solutions. 
  • Enjoy a highly customisable, client-centric platform for better insights and efficiency. 
  • Access cutting-edge technology to improve your wealth management business. 
Introducing GTN

Our solutions power your vision


Support your client’s wealth growth opportunities with AI technology(1).


Expand your client’s investment opportunities with a diverse ticker inventory.


Simplify client management with a self-service portal for transactions.


Strengthen client relationships with a comprehensive relationship manager terminal.


Designed for businesses like yours

Asset Managers

Put your clients at the centre of your business with our tailored solutions for efficient portfolio management and seamless access to global markets and asset classes.


Give your clients access to a wide range of markets and asset classes via a single gateway.


Facilitate compliance with regulations and focus on revenue generation.


Leverage the expertise of local and global industry specialists(1) for better results.


Develop personalised solutions with flexible, cloud-based technology.

Wealth Managers

Transform your wealth management business with our AI-powered Digital Wealth Management solution(1), simplifying portfolio management and fostering wealth growth opportunities. Our advanced trading and investment solutions help with complexity and costs.


Achieve efficiency with end-to-end technology for all investment activities.


Increase client offering by accessing 90+ markets and 8 asset classes via our single gateway.


Benefit from one counterparty relationship, using our platform with compliance tools for global market access.


Innovate personalised solutions using our customisable front-end features.

Family Offices

Foster investments with seamless access to global markets and asset classes using our trading and digital wealth management platform.


Consolidate portfolio management, trade execution and more for efficiency.


Add variety to your investments by tapping into worldwide markets via a single margin account.


Gain a competitive edge through automation and digitisation by using our cloud based scalable technology.


Benefit from regulatory compliance tools and risk management features.

Fund Managers

Access multiple markets and asset classes, streamline trading activities and automate wealth management with our integrated solution. Boost portfolio performance for more efficient investment management.


Automate wealth and portfolio management for more efficient operations.

Scale up

Diversify investments globally via a single margin account to access 8 asset classes in 90+ markets.


Seek advice from our in-house experts(1) any time on portfolios and asset allocation.


Consolidate access points for streamlined operations with advanced digitisation, automation and scalable cloud technology.

Our solutions

More Investment Options

3+ million symbols
across 90+ markets

Gain access to 90+ cash equities markets and multiple asset classes via our B2B and B2B2C platform(1), tailored specifically for:

Wealth Managers | Fund Managers | Family Offices | Asset Managers.