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We bring global markets to you. With scalable, flexible and customisable trading and investment technology, we help you maximise returns by providing access to a comprehensive network of markets and asset classes worldwide.

Eric Krueger

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Paciorek

Chief Operations Officer

Eli Wishnivetski

Chief Compliance Officer


Accessing more trading and investment opportunities

Our solutions support you in managing risk and staying compliant with built-in features. This gives you the flexibility to increase profitability by optimising your customer experience. Scale your services for better customer loyalty and new revenue streams with our rich front-end features you can customise.

Loved by prop traders, asset and fund managers, family offices, wealth managers brokers, banks, fintechs and more, our solutions let you discover more opportunities worldwide, effortlessly and securely(1).



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Leverage our global expertise through our dedicated office in New York.


Partnering with us means you have global industry veterans with regional expertise right by your side.


We are regulated.


We are your partner in technology and support you in successfully growing your business.


Accessing more trading and investment opportunities

Trade fixed income, CFDs, forex and more from the US as well as worldwide with our scalable, flexible and customisable trading and investment solutions.

We innovate the way you offer trading and investment solutions by equipping you with every back-end feature you need to grow your business from built-in compliance to data feeds to human experts. You are free to customise your front-end to deliver your clients the best customer experience.

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