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If you are subject to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1099 reporting requirements, GTN’s clearing firm will produce and make available a Consolidated Form 1099 and a Detailed Income Statement. Your Consolidated Form 1099 rather than your December Statement is the authoritative document for tax reporting purposes to the IRS. Your Consolidated Form 1099 may not be identical to the Year-to-Date Dividends, Interest and Tax Activity Summary appearing on your December Statement for various reasons. In addition, sales transactions are reported to the IRS on a trade date basis (except for short sales that remained open and not closed at year end) through and including the last business day of the calendar year. Consequently, some trades reported to the IRS may not show as settled transactions on your December Statement. For more information regarding differences between the December Statement and your Consolidated Form 1099 or for other tax reporting inquires please contact our GTN at


Special Note for Non-U.S. Accounts. With respect to assets custodied by GTN’s clearing firm on your behalf, income and capital gains or distributions to you from your account may be taxable in your home jurisdiction and/or country of tax residence. Please consult your tax advisor for the appropriate tax treatment of your transactions.


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