Open an account – Institutional Investors – Co-branded Solution

Our Onboarding Process

1 – Introduction

Introduction with the Relationship Manager and the GTN Asia Client On-Boarding Team

2 – Documentation

Required KYC Documents and Agreements to be submitted to the GTN Asia Client On-Boarding Team

3 – Agreement

All required agreements to be signed off by both parties

4 – Setup & Configuration

System setup and configurations to be done based on the agreements

5 – Workshops & User Training

Client teams to be made familiarized with the systems and business processes

6 – Funding / Limit Setup

Client to fund the account or request for trading limits

7 – Trading

Commence trading


The documents required for institutional investor clients to open an account

Please note: This link only contains the GTN Asia Brokerage Services Agreement, additional agreements will be shared by email upon request.rn

KYC documents

Please be kindly advised that we will be requesting for additional documents that will be required for us to complete the onboarding process.

Certificate of Incorporation

Regulatory License

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Board resolution authorizing the opening, operating, and closing of an account with any counterparty and appointment of authorized signatories and their signature specimen a) Valid ID/Passport copies of Authorized Signatories b) Address Proof of Authorized Signatories

Ownership and control structure / List of Beneficial Owners holding more than 10% a) Valid ID/Passport copies of Beneficial Owners holding more than 10% b) Address Proof of Beneficial Owners holding more than 10%

Board of Directors (Please update in account opening form) a) Valid ID/Passport copies of Directors

Person(s) having Executive Authority (Please update in account opening form) a) Valid ID/Passport copies of person(s) having Executive Authority

List of Authorized Traders

Latest Audited Financial Statements

Trade Confirmations Email Distribution List

Standard Settlement Instructions

Agreements & Forms

GTN Asia – Institutional Account Application Form & Annexure A

GTN Asia – Brokerage Services Agreement (For Institutional Clients)

CRS Entity Form

FATCA Form – W8BEN-E (If the client acting as prop only)

FATCA Form – W8IMY (If the client acting on behalf of end clients)

Wolfsberg Group Financial Crime Compliance Questionnaire

QI/ ADR Documents (If the client is trading Omnibus in US Markets for their underlying clients)


All the KYC documents must be certified as a true copy. Copy of the requested document must be supplied in the form of a ‘certified true and exact copy’ or substantially similar wording. Where photo identification is being certified, the certifier must also certify that it ‘bears a true likeness to the individual’. Document must be certified to be a true copy by a suitably qualified person (e.g., a notary public, a lawyer or certified public or professional accountant). The person certifying the copy document must sign, date and officially stamp all the documentation, detailing in what capacity they are acting, and provide their professional reference (e.g. CPA membership number).

Sending us your documents

Send us your complete set of documents to mid-office@gtnasia.com with a header “Account Opening – <Your Name>”.