Our end-to-end platform effortlessly integrates into your back-end and through APIs, lifting market entry barriers to trading on exchanges worldwide.

  • Single account for trading, clearing, settlement, and custody.
  • 8 asset classes in 90+ markets, including the US, frontier and emerging markets.
  • Benefit from over two decades of experience creating trading solutions.
Introducing GTN

Our solutions power your vision


Expand rapidly with one account for trading, clearing, settlement and data access.


Access 90+ markets and 8 asset classes via one global gateway.


Personalise solutions with scalable cloud technology and flexible front-end features.


Save resources with built-in automatic regulatory compliance and risk management.

Your choice

Dealer Terminal

A customisable dealer terminal with advanced features for order placements, charting and analytics, real-time account information and more, to efficiently manage orders, execution and workflows.

An admin terminal combining core back-office and operations functionality, acting as the interface to the OMS, with various reporting features.

Web Application

​A desktop application with advanced trading and order management features, including charting tools, market data, company information, local language settings, real-time account information and reporting tools, as well as many other value-added functions.

Mobile Application

Compatible with iOS and Android, enabling easy order management, trading and monitoring on the go and at any time. Comes with all features as on the web application, including local language, market data and real-time account information.